Couple words about electric cooker – Energy and time-saving

ElectricPressureCookersA rice cooker is an electric kitchen appliance that is specially designed to steam or boil rice. Electric rice cookers make sure that your rice is not overcooked or undercooked. Start to make use of electric cooker and say good-bye to ruined pots and to burnt rice. You don’t have to give constant attention on your cookers to ensure the rice cooked properly. Electric rice cookers are a very versatile, energy and time-saving appliance that can prepare a number of meals. It has the capacity to control timing and heat. Further, it will not speed up the cooking process. Users just need to add appropriate amount of water for cooking and switch on the cooker. It is assured that it will be perfectly cooked with no extra attention. Most of the modern rice cookers come with capacity of 1 rice cup to 10 cups. Some sort of commercial models can also cook more than 10 cups. The prices of electric rice cooker may vary greatly as depends on features, materials used, capacity and the country of origin.

Attractive features and specifications

Electric rice cookers are created with wonderful features such as microprocessor-controlled cooking cycles, induction heating and pressure cooing that can create heat straight within the inner cooking bowl itself. Using the electric rice cookers, you can also cook brown rice which contains bran fiber and oils that boil differently from white rice. Pressure-cooking model can also be utilized in high altitude locations without any hassles. Majority of electric cookers are able to with a keep-warm or stay-warm feature which sustains the rice at the best temperature. Some added features are also included in this appliance that makes you to cook porridge or sticky rice in a hassle free manner.usha-electric-pressure-cooker

  • Dissimilar kinds of materials like ceramic, copper and even more are used in dual pressure method for creating repeated pressure cycles during the cooking.
  • Inner cooking bowl has higher heat conductivity and so it make use of more than one induction heating aspect to gather and return the boiled over fluid to the internal rice bowl.

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